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 The reawakening

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So much fire
So much fire

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PostSubject: The reawakening    The reawakening  Hm170U9Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:59 am

On a cold foggy morning about 100 after the fall. Glimpses of someone running towards the balconies edge could be seen though the fog and the roar of a engine disturbed the air. A human girl in her teens was running like there was no tomorrow from the evil sound. As she ran she tripped over a metal object sticking out of the ground. She looked at what she had tripped on. It was a arm made of steel with a small screen on it that released a red glow into the fog. She looked to where the noise was coming from. The source still out of sight she had a quick look at the screen all it had on it was a large tab that said reactivate. That's all the girl needed to see. She slammed her hand down on the screen. There was a a loud rev followed by a constant but hardly loud enough to be heard hum. The hand of the arm closed then opened again. The robot slowly sat up pulling roots out of the ground as it did so. The rectangles head looked towards the violent roar of the engine in the fog before it was quick all that could be heard was a mad mans lough. "Warning possible hostile situation. Civilian get behind me" the bot said standing to face what ever hid in the fog. Suddenly a man came sprinting out of the fog. He was wearing only a brown pair of cargo pants and covered head to toe in blood. He carried a large machine with three cycles blades at the front of it. He started the brutal as he ran and slammed it into the bots chest. The rbot pushed the machine away before the blades cut though his armour and grabbed the man around the neck. "You stupid machine you can't save her" the man said as he pulled a small knife out and throwing at the girl who caught it in the right of her chest. As she dropped to her knees the bot though the man at a nearby rock resulting in a crack from his neck and ran to her. "Are you alright?" The bot asked though programming to the girl. "No but thank you for not letting him have me." The girl saidin. "N-no than-k y-you" the bot struggled to say watching the girl as she took her last breath. The bot picked her still warm body up holding her in his arms and started walking. He didn't know where to go but he walked anyway until he came across grass town and dropped off the body and its last moments.

To this day the reason the man was chasing the girl or who they where is unknown. Even the mans brutal tool is gone.
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The reawakening
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