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The Lithping One
The Lithping One

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PostSubject: Miserable?   Miserable? Hm170U9Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:28 pm

You know, I was thinking. Which is dangerous for me, to really think hard on something. But I was, against my better judgement, thinking.

And I though about Cave Story, something I think about more often. And then I thought about Misery. And then something clicked- She was pretty crafty.

Let's look at what we know. She forced Ballos to make the Demon Crown. This was probably a very long time before the actual events of Cave Story, since there were several owners of the crown before the doctor. So, she was younger. Naive, even. Probably having the maturity of a teen, which yeah, is pretty low.
So she does something idiotic and Ballos curses her for it. She has to follow the every whim of whoever uses the crown! And, supposedly, she can't even use it herself! Along with that, to add insult to injury, he gives her the partner he knows will rub her the wrong way the most, Balrog.

So, the two live through a few masters, dancing like puppets on a string. During this long period of time, I think Misery probably grew up. Pure speculation, yes. But it does make sense. Hardship, seeing the error of her ways, etc.
But then the Doctor gets the crown, and everything changes. Yes, sure, he's not like the past ones, but that's not the difference. This time there's someone who may be able to turn the tables, someone who immediately causes trouble.
The Doctor catches wind of this person-Quote-and obviously tells the compotent one, Misery, to get rid of him. So she "Tries." Her first attempt was kind of wimpy, non? She turns Balrog, someone she knows is the brawn and not the brains, into a frog, then she leaves. Not much of an attempt, huh? You saw her kill King in one lightning bolt. King was tough as nails. She could have dispatched you at any time.
But the second time she is told to kill you- She just leaves after Omega shows up. Something arguably easier than Balfrog. What's up with that? She just teleports away, probably entirely sure you can handle it.
The third time you meet her, now this is where she actually helps. Surprised? Look at this. After beating poor, savage Toroko, you take the blade and leave the warehouse. Misery sees both you and Balrog together, and she does the best thing she could have- She teleports you to the only thing keeping the island up. You inevitable break that. Now, you may not have thought about this, but the Island floats by itself. The thing making it fall is Ballos. And the thing making Ballos weak is the Core. Misery knew that killing the core would make Ballos more obvious, and she also knows that a true hero wouldn't do half a job, and ignore the bigger bad guy. So she makes it possible to kill the core the easiest way she can, by putting you right next to it. She even gives you help. She gives you Balrog, the only person fit to open the boulder lock thing.
And then you kill the core. Misery warps in... And outright tells you how to break the island and ruin the Doctor's plan. She's probably been told not to help you, because the doctor isn't a complete idiot, but she's hardly bending the rules there.

And then, your last fight with her. Here, yeah, she's probably under a whole lot of pressure from the Doctor, who, at this point, is probably creeping even her out with his unholy tamperings. So she fights you with a nice amount of gusto. But you saw her kill King, warp Balrog, teleport you, bubble Toroko. Why doesn't she just... Kill you?

Because you're her only way out, that's why.
When you finally kill Ballos, Balrog mentions Misery. "Just where Misery said you would be." "Hah, don't thank me-" "I'm just doing what Misery asked me to."

I just think it's all pretty neat,
Pixel can tell a story all right-
-Or rather, know just how much to leave out.
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PostSubject: Re: Miserable?   Miserable? Hm170U9Tue Mar 10, 2015 8:50 am

Miserable? D4SkGJ9
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Lazor Beamz

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PostSubject: Re: Miserable?   Miserable? Hm170U9Fri Mar 13, 2015 7:41 pm

Boo, Hax, you could have at least skimmed it!

I think that your spot on with most of your theory, but I have a few variations to it. I think that Misery forcibly took one of Ballos' eyes and used it to make a artifact that would make here powerful beyond all keen. She didn't account for, however, the nature of the person she got the eye form, and subsequently got cursed for her trouble by the very artifact she was trying to use, stupidly enough. Since then, she has been force to serve the bearers of the crown, whether they be good, evil, or crazy(likely the last, since this is the crown we are talking about). She is sick, tired, wore out of the whole thing after awhiole, having grown up considerably in her time as slave to the crown, but has develop her surely, somewhat rebellious attitude, and the tendency to not do her job properly. She likeyly develop those last traits as a way of defiance against those that rule her, but they are little help when your force to serve hand and foot to those pikers.

When Quote came around and shook the dynamic up, frequently subverting the docter's plans and being an pest, she saw a opportunity. With some quick planning, she finds out a possible way to free her from the crown, while simutaniously adhere to it. When she teleported Quote to the Laberath, their were to outcomes. One, that he would make it out of their, possibly stronger, and defeat the docter, freeing her from the crown, if only for a short time. If he was stuck down their, see would have fulfilled her duties, and would not be consider disobedient. Win-win situation, with the former being more favorable. Those plans change when Quote decided to bump off the Core, putting the whole island at risk of a fatal collision with the earth below. So she has to hastly get the core back to the lab and zombify it so that she and the whole island don't get destroyed. Still, she doesn't do anything about Quote, as she has bigger worries and is kinda hoping that he will do something to stop the Doctor. Probably not the smartest or most reliable of plans, but she was making this up as she was going along, and she couldn't account for everything the robot couldn't do. Still, Quote manages to save the day, and even take out Ballos too. This not only frees her from the doctor, but the crown as well. Deciding that she should thank the robot that saved her(or get rid of Balrog) she send him to save them, possibly so that she could use them again someday in the future to sort out any problems she has. Sure, she did some horrible stuff, so getting the robots to follow her lead would be problematic, but she has plenty of excuses for her action- slave to the crown and its wearers being a big one- , and she DID save their lives, even if it cause problems for her.

Over all, I do think she's a clever schemer and has learned a lot from her stay under the crown, but she was cursed by unintentionally by the crown (stupid magical artifacts!), and her plans where a bunch of Indy Ploys and slapdash workings given what the situation wa and what she was working with, and possibly only save Quote and Curly for any plan/problems she has in the future.

Weeh, that was a mouthful! Feel free to skim it, or do what hax did and not read!
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PostSubject: Re: Miserable?   Miserable? Hm170U9

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