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PostSubject: The Fearless Girl   The Fearless Girl Hm170U9Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:59 am

April 10th 2003

Splash and laughter was all she heard as little 3 year old Penny Benson was being carried into the swimming area of the hotel she was staying in with her parents, Thomas and Elieen and her grandparents Greg and Gretal, Penny watched as people of all ages were enjoying themselves swimming, sliding and all kinds of activity's..She wanted to join in but alas..She was only a toddler and can only barely speak proper english.

The four adults and the toddler stopped by a table near the very shallow end of to the pool, where a bunch of toddlers were happily playing by themselves. Elieen walked towards it with Penny in hand and putted her in the pool along with a yellow tiny floaty around her waist..Penny watched as her mother departed to the nearby table and looked at the other toddlers, who acted like they dident even see her enter the pool.

Penny walked around the small area and tried to strike small dribble conversations with anyone, but all she got was them playfully splashing water on her face. She sat down in the middle, thinking of anything she could do..And that was when she saw it!

Penny quickly stood up when she saw the path to the normal shallow end of the pool. She walked towards it like she was in a trance..She wanted to be with kids that were a bit..Older..Maybe the normal swallow pool will be right for her..Besides..She believed herself to be fearless..What could go wrong?

As Penny walked closer to the swallow pool she quickly went back to reality when she started to notice..She was floating! Penny quickly looked around and tried to kick her tiny legs back to shallow end of the pool. But she kept drifting away to the normal shallow end! She breathed heavily and started to freak out, how could she be floating..She wanted back down! Just then she heard footsteps and was soon grabbed, Penny screamed to the top of her lungs as she was pulled out of the pool.

"Trying to be adventurous?" A familer voice called out behind her, Penny looked to see that the person who grabbed her was her Thomas, who smiled at her daughter. "Maybe you should have lunch..Were going to have broccoli." He said as he walked back to the table with Penny in hand.

She was brought down to a chair that was right for her size and was giving a piece of broccoli..She grabbed it in curiosity and took a bite into it..Penny smiled and relax as she felt the bit of broccoli that she ate.."It feels like those those light things that are fired into the sky.." She thought to herself as she took another bite.

Penny loved that day she spent with her family and would always wish to have these kind of vacations all the time. But sadly the only downside was that she ended up getting her first fear..The water.

And this would also be the last Vacation she had with her family

Before Project Porta...
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