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PostSubject: The Runaway   The Runaway Hm170U9Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:35 pm

Name: Kashe Hunt

Race: Human

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Physical Description Kashe is a small sunuvagun. He stands at a 5' 2", and has dirty blonde hair. He doesn't look it, but he's fairly strong, despite his skinny stature, and the fact that his fore arms are the only large part of his body. He tends to not eat much, which causes his size. He may very well wind up not growing past his size because of this.

He can commonly be found wearing a pair of dirty jeans, and a dirty pair of red sneakers,  as well as his only shirt, which has managed to tear over his time running about in the island. (Damn Critters bite at the thing from time to time.) He'll occasionally stop to try and mend his clothes, which results in pathetic patch jobs, making him look like a hobo. Which he technically is. He has a holster for his gun, which is blue with dark blue flames, and the sheath for his sword is a blue sheath.

Personality: Kashe is a good guy, but his morals tend to get him into trouble, as he can't see past them. He's quick to jump into a fight with anyone pulling something he deems as either A. Uncouth. Or B. Just plain wrong. He's THAT guy, you know the type. The one who'll jump into a fight without fully understanding the full circumstances.

He also LIKES fights as well, which is part of the reason he's so quick to jump into them. However, he can tell the difference between a meaningless fight, and a stupid one. He's also strangely obsessed with the color blue, but the reasons as to why are unknown.

Personal History: (TW: Depressing family situation.) Kashe lived in a crappy household. His mother was constantly drunk, and his father, well  his father was hardly there. Usually going out with the machine gun and sword, both of which Kashe stole so he could survive on the island, to hunt for food, as his mother refused to get a job, resulting in her forcing Kashe to make her moon shine, so she could get drunk more.

Whenever Kashe refused, she hit him. HARD. Hard enough to knock him across the room. As he grew older, it progressively got worse, until he ran. His father had taught him how to cook, so he could easily do what his Dad had been doing. Hunt down his own food. So. Tired of what was happening in his house hold, he ran, determined to spite his mother by becoming her polar opposite.

He stole the machine gun and the sword, grabbed the holster and the sheath he had carefully been working on for 6 months, his first destination a place he had herd interesting things about. The Island. He hopped aboard the first trip to export food stuffs and the like to the island, hoping his parent's wouldn't figure out what he had done. He had been tempted to leave a stove on, but couldn't bring himself to do it.

So, he now wanders the island. Killing anything that looks like it'd make a good meal, and occasionally eating some plants. However, he doesn't eat much because, well, so little of the creatures on this island are he familiar with, making them hard to cook. But, he's determined to stay on the island for as long as possible. To survive.

Weaponry: Machine Gun: The Machine Gun functions nothing like the one in the game itself. It has a limited ammo of 30 rounds, and Kashe has too reload it every time the gun runs out. Basically, it's a standard machine gun, meant for blowing holes in people.

Broad Sword: Kashe is quite fond of the broadsword he wields. However, it's a regular sword, with nothing special at this point in time.

Magical Talents: Absolutely zero, although if he could he'd be happy to learn.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Kashe has decent tactics, however, he's rather weak when it comes to durability, relying on his machine gun to end a fight quickly.

Other:Kashe mostly hangs out in the grasslands, as it's the second safest place on the island as far as he knows.

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The Lithping One

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PostSubject: Re: The Runaway   The Runaway Hm170U9Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:42 pm

I like it, approved!
Well thought-out.
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The Runaway
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