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 Cliches & Character Slot Rules

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Spark of Hope
Spark of Hope

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Cliches & Character Slot Rules Empty
PostSubject: Cliches & Character Slot Rules   Cliches & Character Slot Rules Hm170U9Sun Dec 21, 2014 4:26 pm

General guide on how not to get rejected for the reason 'cliche'.

Step one: Read the approved characters! I get that you might have this badass idea in your head for a warrior, but what's the point if there's already two Mimiga like that? Read up on the approved character section, see if you're character seems to be a mimic of another.

Step two: Avoid general 'best that ever was' statements, such as: "Best warrior on the island", "Best swordsman", "Smartest person", "Prettiest person", etc.

Step three: I get that you have a great sense of humor, but please do not include jokes in your character's bio. While you might get a laugh out of them, a mod might take them seriously. I dont want to have to deny a character because of a joke, such as 'He's pretty much the best'.

Step four: Dont make a perfect character. Include some flaws, give him or her some odd problem- poor eyesight in the dark, a weak arm, a limp from an injury. A perfect character might seem awesome in your head, but it terrible to interact with.

Step five: Try to avoid logical fallacies. Why would a Mimiga have a german accent? Why would a Mimiga have a old WWII rifle? How did this person get from the earth to the island? If this person clearly hates living on the island, why arn't they off it? You get the idea. Keep the setting in mind when designing a character!

Step six: For the love of A mattress and Sue, do NOT claim to be related to a character in Cave Story. I'm willing to let it slide if it's something like 'Santa's great-great grandson', but you cannot have a character that is 'the son of Quote' or 'Chaco's brother'.

Keep these in mind and I guarantee you'll get approved smoother! Happy hunting, Stalker.

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The Lithping One
The Lithping One

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PostSubject: Re: Cliches & Character Slot Rules   Cliches & Character Slot Rules Hm170U9Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:31 pm


These are the basic rules for characters you can make.

A member only gets two characters in the beginning. If they want more, it costs 400 triangles. Send a PM to an admin or mod, who will take care of it. (Mods will just tell an admin, so why not just cut the middle man) A member can only EVER have one witch, because they are OP generally. The person making a witch needs at least 100 posts, so we know the person is responsible. This can be bypassed via a PM to an admin. Also, if they want to make a new character in one of their two, full slots, they must retire an existing character. Retiring costs 50 triangles. Both PM an admin and post in the character thread that you want to retire that character. One may buy ONE extra character slot for 400 triangles. One may buy ONE 'Extra Character' slot for 350 triangles. These characters are restricted from any combat scenes and the Bloodstained Sanctuary. All purchases are made by PMing a mod or admin.

Also: Everyone can make one free Puu character that does not take up a slot. Because they're just for giggles, really :3

That's all for now, but this post may be edited in the future.
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Cliches & Character Slot Rules
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