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 B.R.A.D the lost robot

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So much fire
So much fire

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Race: Robot

B.R.A.D the lost robot Empty
PostSubject: B.R.A.D the lost robot   B.R.A.D the lost robot Hm170U9Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:52 am

Name: B.R.A.D.

Race: Robot.

Age: unknown

Gender: None but has the voice of a man

Physical Description: A seven foot tall robot that looks like it was made for battle. He's head is rectangle In shape with a single eye on the front that glows blue, lacks a mouth and on each side of his head there is a toothy grin and a eye painted on looking forward. He's left shoulder houses a large shoulder pad. Also a control panel located on his left forearm and deep gashes can be seen all over his outer armour exposing possible weaknesses.

Personality: usually the strong and silent type that's mainly because of his loud commanding voice. He much prefers using hand signals most the time with the occasional joke or smart commit leaving his none existing mouth. He doesn't like being asked questions involving his history and has trouble getting others to trust him but all up his just a gentle giant.

Personal History: The latest remembered event is waking up on the island not knowing where he was, who he was or what he has done. Since then he's been trying to answer his own questions and till this day has had no luck in doing so.

Weaponry: He's armed with a large knife designed similar too a gurkha kukri.

Magical Tallents: none

Strengths and Weaknesses: strengths: designed to with stranded a large amount of physical damage and a powerful power source making enough power to move him at a nice speed.
His large kukri is sharp and heavy enough to easily slash flesh and smash bones.

Weaknesses: large gashes in his armour leave weak spots to a well placed knife or ballet.
Spending most of his time trying to get to know himself instead of others has left him with little exprance talking to others and may seem hostile though his attempts of kindness.
His old age and poor maintenance has left him with the occasional faulty circuit.

Other: Has a secondary power source.

Im 100% sure I did this right. if not just let me know and I'll fix it.
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The Lithping One
The Lithping One

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Race: Robot

B.R.A.D the lost robot Empty
PostSubject: Re: B.R.A.D the lost robot   B.R.A.D the lost robot Hm170U9Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:26 am

Right, local profile-approver isn't here right now, so I'll just look over this :3

So, a couple grammatical and punctual errors, but nothing horrible. A couple words that look like Spellcheck got to (With stranded = 'Withstanded' = Withstood), but overall everything looks good!

I approve.

Note to future self/whoever I put in charge of this: History less than two paragraphs, expecting flashback(s).
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B.R.A.D the lost robot
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