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 Verit the gaudi

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PostSubject: Verit the gaudi   Verit the gaudi Hm170U9Sat Apr 18, 2015 1:14 am

Name: Verit
Verit the gaudi Verit10
Race: Gaudi
Age: 20 (in gaudi years)
Gender: Male
Physical Description:
Verit's appearance is the same as your typical gaudi; cockroach-likeness, brown colors, white eyes, two antennae, and four legs. This makes him hard to find in a big crowd of gaudi.
In order to make himself distinguishable, he wears a stockman hat, a thin red scarf around his neck and a leathery strap bag on his shoulder.

General personality traits include Patience, Humbleness, and Intelligence when it comes to weapons. His constant reading makes him more keen toward what the future can hold. Verit has a great desire to meet new people outside of the labyrinth, making him very adventurous. He’s willing to offer you help in any way he's capable of, including building a variety of weapons for you. Being an gunsmith, he'll often take his time and go into great detail when explaining things to other people, or when trying to problem solve. His adventurous attitude makes him less likely to crack under pressure. He loves recognition for his help; give him a compliment and he'll be your new BFF. However, this makes him a bit over-trusting of others sometimes.
Verit takes great pride in the weapons he has built, and great pleasure in the problems he fixes (he won’t brag about it though). However, because of this, He's a little bit arrogant sometimes. being an outsider for the majority of his childhood made him used to solving problems by himself. He usually does not call for assistance unless the situation demands physical power. If he's working with someone else, he'll often worry about their ability to work and think effectively, and as a result will work less effectively himself.
Verit likes receiving compliments, being around other people, gunsmithing, and shooting for sport. He dislikes cold weather, tears, pessimists, or getting caught in long boring conversations. He’s fearful of water and rabid mimiga and gets angry when witnessing antagonization. Gets excited when happy, and sarcastic when put into a bad mood.

Personal History:
Verit was not like most other gaudi. He learned to read, and read a lot of books about the history of locales outside of the Labyrinth. He developed quite an interest in traveling. Because he knew more about the outside world than he did the labyrinth, he was mocked and belittled by the rest of his fellow gaudi, even by his own father. Despite discouragement, he still wanted to see places outside of the labyrinth. He was 11 in gaudi years by the time he was seriously considering the possibility of moving away from home. He had 8 more gaudi years to go before he was old enough to leave the labyrinth with his father's permission. In the meantime, in order to prove his worth, he practiced more gunsmithing than the rest of his fellow gaudi. He learnt how to quickly design, build and fire a variety of weapons with great efficiency. With practice, Verit became one of the better gunsmiths and sharpshooters alongside his fellow gaudi. 9 years later, Verit set off on his quest to leave his mark on the island.

Verit the gaudi Leparm10
A small energy based weapon, one of the first Verit has ever made. It has about the same effectiveness as the polar star.
Level 1: Fires a light projectile
Level 2: Fires a more powerful projectile that travels farther
(requires 10 xp points)
Level 3: Fires a double projectile, effectively doubling damage and range
(requires 10 xp points)
Max Level: requires 10 xp points
Verit the gaudi Sdparm11
A slower, but more powerful semi-auto revolver. Bullets can ricochet off of surfaces, allowing for trick shots, and an edge in corridors and close quarters battles.
Level 1: Light projectile, ricochets once
Level 2: Increased damage, ricochets twice
(requires 15 xp points)
Level 3: Fires two level 2 bullets, each ricocheting twice
(requires 15 xp points)
Max Level: requires 5 xp points

Ability to fly:
Being a gaudi, Verit obviously has the ability to fly. Flying makes Verit faster and harder to hit with ranged weapons.
Proficiency with gunsmithing:
Verit knows how to assemble and use a variety of small arms and two-handed weapons, both bullet based and energy based (power crystals). Verit can assemble a gun in just under a minute with the right amount of materials
Verit has more proficiency with light arms such as pistols and machine guns, and has greater accuracy while using them. He’s able to hit small targets from a farther distance away than most shooters.
Ranged fighter:
Verit usually fights his enemies from a distance. His ability to fly further enhances this ability, as he has access to areas his enemies may not be able to reach him in.

Lack of strength in melee fighting:
Verit is not proficient at fighting with his hands or a melee weapon. Hitting someone with bug like appendages isn’t very effective.
Inability to swim / fear of deep water:
Verit's a bug, bugs don't swim. Even if Verit does manage to escape after being submerged, the water on his wings will temporarily disable his flight ability, same goes for rain.
Weak Armour:
He doesn't wear armour, but that's besides the point. He's fairly weak when it comes to durability, so one good shot could put him in trouble.
Inability to use heavy weapons:
Rocket launchers and huge battle axes are a no go, as Verit struggles to hold heavy weapons properly.

Verit knows how to assemble a variety of light and two-handed arms, however he’ll need the proper materials to do so. Below is a list of weapons that Verit is capable of building, starting from the least expensive to the most expensive in materials.
The list is as follows:
Handgun (polar star): Nothing too special, though stats such as damage and accuracy can be randomly generated. Has limited ammo, so be sure to refill at your nearest server every so often.
Small Energy Pistol (polar star): What makes this variant special is the fact that it has unlimited ammo. In exchange, damage is usually decreased. All other stats are randomized.
Machine Gun: A step up from the polar star. Stats are still randomized, though you're ensured the "rapid fire" stat. Also has limited ammo, so be sure to refill at your nearest server every so often.
Energized Scout Machine Gun: Unlimited ammo and rapid fire are the highlights of this weapon; the downside is decreased damage, and the need to recharge after a certain amount of shots. All other stats are randomized
Special weapon (???): With additional resources, Verit can experiment and build a completely new gun! Maybe it's one that shoots rapid fire rockets? Bubbles? Napalm grenades? The possibilities are limitless. You might need to do a bit of convincing in order to get Verit to do this though, as this takes more time and resources to do than any other ordinary weapon. Produces one random special weapon.
Combine weapons: Pull a Chaba and mash two weapons together, producing one weapon with the combined stats of the previous two weapons. Costs 2 weapons
Once a weapon is completed, an item card will be made for that item. It will show you the stats of the item, such as damage and accuracy.
An item card may look like this:
Small energy pistol
LV. 1: 1
LV. 2: 2
LV. 3: 4
LV. 1: 2
LV. 2: 4
LV. 3: 8
-Fires 2 shots at a time-
-Unlimited ammo-
There are more stats than what is shown, but hopefully you get the idea.

Last edited by Jpzarde on Sat Apr 18, 2015 1:01 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Verit the gaudi   Verit the gaudi Hm170U9Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:09 am

Verit the gaudi B3BBL
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Ghost in the Clinic

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PostSubject: Re: Verit the gaudi   Verit the gaudi Hm170U9Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:32 am

I'm dumbing the character down to only have gun related abilities. He's more proficient at shooting and weaponsmithing, in exchange for no longer having experience in mechanical engineering. He can no longer build a crazy amount of items out of scrap, and his fighting style is based on medium to long ranged shooting instead of weakness exploitation. I'm still leaving weapon crafting as part of his portfolio though, just without the hassle of a complex backpack/crafting system.

EDIT: Just updated the application, Verit shouldn't be as OP now
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PostSubject: Re: Verit the gaudi   Verit the gaudi Hm170U9Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:47 pm

You put a shitton of effort into this.
Good job.
I'm not even gonna read it.
(I read it pls don ban me)

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PostSubject: Re: Verit the gaudi   Verit the gaudi Hm170U9

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Verit the gaudi
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