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Ghost in the Clinic

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PostSubject: Bolt the Scout-Bot   Bolt the Scout-Bot Hm170U9Sat Dec 20, 2014 5:58 pm

Name: Bolt, was given this nickname through random internal dictionary choice.

Race: Robot.

Age: Has no production date, unknown.

Gender: Not specific, but has a male voice.

Physical Description: Half the size of an average human, with only a head and other necessary body parts seemingly at static orbit with the head. Only other body parts are feet and hands, with a round, chrome head with short-horn looking structures coming out at opposite sides of the top of his head, and not to mention the small grip on his back to hold items, specifically weapons.. Has bright, dark yellow eyes that always seemingly have a frowning expression. Eyes glow a little bit whenever he says a syllable of a word, and has no mouth. Hands look like that of an endoskeleton.

Personality: Often wanting something to do, and will often annoy and gripe about being bored. Always suspicious of strangers, so he does not talk a lot to people he does not know. Often goes bat-shit when in combat.

Personal History: Was originally manufactured as a scout and a light attack unit, but stopped production later for better models. Got re-activated by unknown persons with unknown motives; he doesn't even know. Never really has or had a goal, but has always wanted to be something of a legend. Has turned to adventuring in order to attempt to accomplish this.

Weaponry: Prefers a small machine gun, but is adaptable to weapons that aren't twice as big as him. Hates rocket launchers, as recoil usually blasts him away.

Magic: None.

Strengths: Fast and nimble, making him nearly impossible to hit in melee combat. Very good at planning an attack and is a decent shot, at close range.

Weaknesses: Not very strong, can run out of power drastically in stressful situations. Is more often a fighter than a thinker in combat. Has only a small layer of armor, making him vulnerable to big booms and long-range attacks.

Other: Can have sexual feelings for some reason, but knows he can't accomplish anything more than a friendship. Same data & memory can be swapped into his same model. Hates heights.
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The Lithping One
The Lithping One

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PostSubject: Re: Bolt the Scout-Bot   Bolt the Scout-Bot Hm170U9Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:01 pm

Everything looks good, I approve!
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Bolt the Scout-Bot
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