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 Hidden encampment #1

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Should Rabbot keep writing areas like this?
Hidden encampment #1 Aq1u1Fe50%Hidden encampment #1 C0ecjSm
 50% [ 3 ]
Hidden encampment #1 Aq1u1Fe0%Hidden encampment #1 C0ecjSm
 0% [ 0 ]
He needs to work on his writing
Hidden encampment #1 Aq1u1Fe17%Hidden encampment #1 C0ecjSm
 17% [ 1 ]
He's very good at writing these, but needs to run them by an Admin first
Hidden encampment #1 Aq1u1Fe33%Hidden encampment #1 C0ecjSm
 33% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 6

Spark of Hope
Spark of Hope

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PostSubject: Hidden encampment #1   Hidden encampment #1 Hm170U9Fri Dec 26, 2014 4:42 pm

The iron door is set hard into the rock; if it wasn't for the heavy scrape marks on the ground it would be easy to say that it was rusted shut. Unsurprisingly, the door isn't the quietest to open; it makes a loud screech as you do so. Settled inside of the door is a nice little room; it's all quiet, with the exception being that of the breeze blowing. Lining the wall are rusted weapons, swords and the occasional firearm. A heavy metal chest is rusted to the floor; inside of it you find nothing. It looks like a stopwatch sat there at one point, judging by the patterns in the dust. It's a wonder you found this room at all; there seemed to be a sign pointing twords it at one point, but it fell off the island during the failed collapsing. On the ground is a sleeping bag, a light frosting covers it. The whole room is lightly frosted; there's a hole in the wall to the right- the only thing covering it is several layers of chicken wire, repeatedly criss-crossing to provide a sturdy enough barrier from falling out, but clearly doesn't protect against the rain and dew, judging by the frost. A metal slide is inset into the wall to be closed when the rain starts. To the left, chests- much newer looking ones- line the wall. They're full of non-perishable foodstuffs, canned flowers. The room seems to have been lived-in by a Mimiga at one point. On the right corner, closest to the door, is a wood-stove, though there is no fire burning at this time. The whole room is small enough to be a bedroom.

Would you like to rest in the sleeping bag? Yes/No
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Ghost in the Clinic

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden encampment #1   Hidden encampment #1 Hm170U9Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:14 pm

Considering the fact that machinery usually don't require a lot of comfort, he decided to instead find a good spot in the room. He decided to lay up-side on one of the chests next to the wall, cradling his trusty fire-arm right next to him. He went into sleep mode, still keeping his senses keen but his motion to a complete stop. He thought about what other locations he should visit, whether or not he should start trying to try to start having friendships with people, or maybe even relationships. The logical side of his thinking said it would be near impossible to, but then again, there weren't rules...zzz...
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Hidden encampment #1
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